30+ Website Ideas That Can Help Build a Business

30+ Website Ideas That Can Help Build a Business

The internet is oozing with opportunities to create your online personal space and… why not, earn money from doing so. However, without a structured approach, it can be quite impossible to make your voice heard in the online world.

This is the reason of this article, to help you get a grasp of how you could lodge your sparkling idea in the online medium and make money from it.

How to Monetize Your Website Ideas

The all-pervading principle of successful digital information is usefulness and adding value to a reader. If this is your case, chances are you can monetize your website idea and get an additional income.

There are plenty of opportunities to monetize a website: affiliate and review sites, ads, ecommerce stores, coaches, guides and books, donations (e.g. brainpickings.org), skills presentation, merchandising, etc.

  • Affiliation and review sites will bring you a sales commission for every sale generated by your traffic. Here’s how do to this the right way.
  • Sponsored ads can bring you some money, too. Google will populate your website with contextual ads, based on the topics you tackle in your articles. Check this article to see details about sponsored ads and their value for a website.
  • Ecommerce: by selling products online, you will gain some money directly from the sales you register onto the website. Check this solution for monetization of a network with an ecommerce platform.
  • Guides/coaches/books offer added value and make your users’ life easier through the information you provide to them. In exchange to that information, you will require some payment and you’ll benefit from this monetization option. Check a how-to guide for this monetization option.
  • Donations are another variant of monetization. If people support a cause you preach on the website, they will be more than eager to donate some money for it. Here are some details about this monetization method.
  • Merchandising and e-books (e.g. waitbutwhy.com). Check this article about monetizing a website with merchandising.
  • Skill presentation/portfolio: showcase your skills and your projects, someone amongst your website visitors will notice you and may invite you to take on new projects. Check this article about how to create a successful portfolio site.
  • Premium gated content: you might invite readers to become members of a community for an annual fee, and to get access to premium information (e.g. fs.blog). Here’s how to take profit from gated content.

Website Types You Can Create

Now let’s focus on the information itself. Depending on its quality and how it is presented, it will help you make money from it according to one of the methods above or… your own way.

Different types of websites will need different types of content, based on that website specificities.

Here are a few website ideas that can inspire you and help you build your online presence:

  1. Buyer’s Guides (I-want-to-know/I-want-to-buy) content

Although intended for people that will buy a product/service, a buyer’s guide belongs rather to the “I-want-to-know” category. It is designed with the users’ needs in mind, particularly their need to be informed, before going further into the buying cycle. A buyer’s guide will tell them what to consider before a purchase is done, what aspects to take into consideration, what to be careful at and what product characteristics to search for . We advise you to register to an affiliation program for the products you are selling online.

Buyer’s guides are excellent for affiliation, and paid guides, as monetization options.

Also, Google can place contextual ads, depending on the content of the articles you publish.

  1. Review sites

One chooses to read a product review way before he/she pushes the “Buy” button. Product reviews are useful as they help users stay current and make more informed buying decisions. If they study several reviews of one product, they can form an idea of the quality standards that product meets. Moreover, if they study reviews of similar products, they can make comparisons, and turn towards the best choice (be it quality/price ratio, high quality, low price, etc .). As we’ve already said, it is recommended that you become an affiliate for the products you are selling online.

Review sites are excellent for affiliation, and paid reviews, which is the best monetization option.

They are also suitable for advertising.

  1. Culture site

Such websites focus on cultural articles about events, exhibitions, artefacts, etc. They might include analyses of books, movies, plays, songs, etc. They might go a long run and speak about contemporary trends or go into details and comment every single aspect of a cultural piece.

You can sell online tickets to events and exhibitions, and you’ll get a sales commission from the teams organizing them.

  1. General blog

General blogs can include many different content types, categorized accordingly. They might mould to your personality and showcase your ideas in a brilliant way.

There are plenty of ideas for monetizing a blog. Here is a list for doing so.

  1. How-tos -> Tutorials

Useful guides on HOW TO make this and that, practical infos included, are in high demand nowadays. Before taking action, people like to be informed and do things the correct way. Step-by-step guides fall into these categories, be they for how to prepare a recipe, repair something in the living room or keep fit all the summer.

Some tutorials might serve as a hook for finding more. And for finding more, users might pay a minimum fee, that will turn into an income for you.

  1. Ask-me sites

You can create an Ask-me site, to offer answers and provide help to questions and problems on a certain topic. On the model of Q & A sites, you can build your own site with solutions to almost any problem people might face, related to a subject. If the answer to their problems is at a one-click distance and they can access it any time, you’ve already assured a high amount of traffic to your website.

Depending on which are the most accessed categories, you could become a counsellor in a certain area. So, an ask-me site can be a means by which to take off and become a coach, with a corresponding income.

  1. Create a community

It might be a good idea to create a community around professionals in a specific area. E.g. a community dedicated to SMEs. This will be the space they own for discussions, information exchange and experience sharing. An online community helps not only exchange information and ideas, but also put in practice better solutions and expect better results . A good way to create a community is to search for upcoming products or trends that haven’t been filled with competitors. This gives you a first mover advantage.

A good way to create a community is to search for upcoming products or trends that haven’t been filled with competitors. This gives you a first mover advantage.

If the community becomes large enough, you can restrict access to it by requiring an annual/monthly fee for the members. They will be pleased to be part of a community where they share interests with others, and they will develop a sense of belonging to it.

  1. Online Personality Tests

People want to know what their personality is exactly. They want to get to know themselves better, what defines them as individuals, they want to test their intelligence or their skills. That’s why they rave about online personality tests, that tells them more about themselves. Your website could be the one that helps them spot unknown sides of their personality and define themselves better.

Such websites will benefit from ads that are places on different pages. The target audience will be exposed to them, and you will get some income from AdSense.

  1. News Site (Aggregator) & Curated Content

Although it’s difficult to compete with big names in the journalism area, you can try your hand at creating a sort of aggregator and serving users curated content. You’ll make their lives easier by sorting and grouping news by categories, so there’s no need for them to look any further.

For full versions of the news lists (i.e.) per week, you could gate content and encourage people to pay for it. It might be profitable if users prefer a one-stop point where they find news in a wide range of categories, rather than spend hours to look them for themselves.

  1. Tips & tricks

This type of information can be adapted to any area. The content falls both in the category of KNOW and in that of DO. After people find some tips and tricks on how to do something, they will be more than eager to apply them and see the results. It’s an endless list of areas where tips and tricks are always welcome.

Such a website might drive a lot of traffic. Hence, do not hesitate to take advantage of a large audience and enable Google AdSense for your website.

  1. National/International news

We’ve already spoken about news. But this time, we want to cast a new light onto an abundance of information that just waits to be discovered and presented to millions of users. It all depends on how you present this information. It might be in a neutral tone, approaching journalism skills, or else it might be in a funny tone that attracts more and more readers.

Online journals benefit from Google Adsense and contextual ads. The traffic you drive to the website can be easily monetized this way.

  1. Fundraising website

The main objective of such a website should be to raise awareness. The articles should somehow belong to the DO sphere. You are expecting people to take action, based on the information they read on the website. These people, together with you, will support a cause.

Any fundraising website can claim its right to donations. People supporting some causes will make donations and thus help to monetizing your website.

  1. Online shopping – ecommerce website

The shortest way to answer people’s buying questions is to offer them… products to buy. An ecommerce store is a good idea to start from and make your website visible in the digital world. Open an online store and promote it the right way, people will come and buy from you. And they will help you increase your income.

The most obvious source of income is the purchases that are made through your website.

  1. Interactivity website

Apart from polls and surveys, there are plenty of opportunities for interactive content. Capitalize on this idea. Chances are that you will get some rewards. If you do it well, even big rewards! An idea would be to gather user-generated content and manage it in an articulate way, that might spring into a unique idea.

These websites are great for building a high amount of traffic and a large audience. As a result, you can activate Google Adsense and get a passive income right away.

Now that you have chosen the type of website you want to create, let’s dive deeper into what content you should put on the respective website.

Content Ideas for Your Website

  1. Newsletters

By choosing newsletters as your main type of content, you do a great service to the users. You aggregate up-to-date information and turn it into an information hub people will want to get driven to. As news (on any topic) are so disparate in the digital world, they will be more than content to find them gathered into one single place: your website. This reduces the need for research and eases their life. Sooner or later, you will be rewarded for your initiative.

  1. Buyer’s Guides

Although intended for people that will buy a product/service, a buyer’s guide belongs rather to the “I-want-to-know” category. It is designed with the users’ needs in mind, particularly their need to be informed, before going further into the buying cycle. A buyer’s guide will tell them what to consider before a purchase is done, what aspects to take into consideration, what to be careful at and what product characteristics to search for .

  1. Product Reviews

Product reviews also fall into the category “I-want-to-know”. One chooses to read a product review way before he/she pushes the “Buy” button. Product reviews are useful as they help users stay current and make more informed buying decisions. If they study several reviews of one product, they can form an idea of the quality standards that product meets. Moreover, if they study reviews of similar products, they can make comparisons, and turn towards the best choice (be it quality/price ratio, high quality, low price, etc .).

  1. Recipes and diets

Websites containing recipes and diets go into details about meal ingredients or foods to eat on a diet. This concerns a wide majority of people who want to get slim and stay fit or eat healthy. Such a website addresses a wide audience, and chances are that, by working hard, the traffic figures will be high (with the right information posted in your webpages).

  1. Checklists

Checklists gather users’ needs both to know and to do, under the same umbrella. By providing checklists, you’ll give visitors actionable plans to follow, to achieve good results in their work. E.g. an SEO checklist guides the users through different areas that should be checked for a thorough SEO analysis. Such a checklist accompanies users in gaining hands-on experience in their area of interest, merging theory and practice in a useful way.

  1. Best Practices

Similar to sites with tips and tricks, sites containing best practices in a particular area are welcome both for the informational side and for the practical side of the articles. The difference stays in how elaborate the explanations are, as the information is developed in a more professional way, and it spans a wider area of experience from people active in an area.


  1. Opinion pieces

You can take some news and present them your proper way. In addition, you can add your own opinion about a certain event and invite to further discussions about the subject. The goal is to express unique, personal opinions that are a good starting point for debate.

  1. Why pieces

There should be an explanation for anything. But which one? How’s water boiling at 100 degrees, or why people yawn out of the blue? People want to know interesting things, even if they have no immediate practicality. The only thing that matters is that the information can be useful “at some point”.  Write about some of them and you’ll reduce the number of no-answer questions of web surfers. This should be funny and rewarding at the same time.

  1. Industry news – facts and opinions

In case you want to position yourself as an expert in an industry you are active in, showcasing industry news and attaching proper opinions about them should be more than valuable. Industry peers will find such information useful and help you grow your brand steadily.

  1. Influencer interviews

As a blogger, you might want to reach out to key influencers in your area and interview them. Setting up interviews can be a win-win-win solution. Let us explain: people will benefit from relevant experience and knowledge brought to their doorstep. Influencer will benefit from expanding their reach to new, untapped audiences. You will benefit yourself from growing your audience and, consequently, website traffic.

  1. Origin posts

People love to investigate and think back to the origins of almost… everything. Such information belongs rather to the discovery realm, and there’s a wide audience waiting to turn into your fans. Fans of your explanations, investigations and digging to the origins.

  1. Case Studies

This information type may have similarities with other types named above. However, case studies bring in some in-depth analysis that can’t be found otherwise. Focus on creating unique articles and carefully choose the case to study. With a thorough analysis, you have all chances to delight your audience.

  1. Testimonials

Envisage to write testimonials if you run a blog for a company. Testimonials will give you material to present to new users and create a snowball effect with regards to the traffic and customer numbers.

  1. Polls and surveys

This idea implies a lot of interactivity, and foster implication of the users to the point of giving precise answers regarding certain subjects. It might also prove profitable for you and companies that benefit from such polls and surveys launched for the larger audience ever: the online world.

  1. Events

A classic idea of interactive website is to include events in your website. One solution is to host such events, whereas participants will come, subscribe and be present at online conferences and discussions. Another solution is to present events taking place in the next weeks, nearby. Whichever solution appeals to you, go for it. Your chances to make your website known are high.

  1. Practical advice

People are looking for help. In different cases – when they need help. The easiest way to do this is to search for it online. Here comes your website in. Speak to them in a casual tone, giving practical advice on whatever problem you have experienced before. Help them, and they will turn back to you.

  1. Book reviews

To write about books can prove to be not only a simple hobby, but a lucrative one. People love to know what books are in trend, buy best sellers and read them. If you open a door to the books you appreciate, you might be surprised of how many followers you attract. And your site will live a long life.

  1. Travel Experience

If you are a globe-trotter, no better idea will replace that of writing down your travelling experience. The articles will be much appreciated by fellow tourists and people that are passionate about travelling all around the globe. You can include tips and tricks, as the most valuable information refers to what users cannot generally find in traditional online tourist guides.

  1. The “biography” of a town

As an inhabitant of a certain town, you are likely accustomed to the general atmosphere, and you know well the town’s history, changes, economic status, cultural aspects and traditions, or people’s manners. Take your knowledge to an upper level, write down about your town. Tourists will be more than delighted to find out about the town’s specificities right from its inhabitant.

Website Ideas from Google Trends

Once you have considered some of the website ideas listed above, it’s time to check their popularity and look for more details. Google Trends is a tool for exploring and identifying trending topics you could write about. Hot subjects are waiting to be discovered and capitalized on. They are organized by categories, so you can pick the area you want to write about and delve into the opportunities of that area.

Here are a few of the categories with trending topics:

  • Arts and entertainment
  • Beauty and fitness
  • Books and literature
  • Business and industrial
  • Computers and electronics
  • Finance
  • Food and drink
  • Hobbies and leisure
  • Home and garden
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Pets and animals

And the list continues…

Four different levers are available, to carefully gauge the potential of a trending topic:

  1. Interest according to the geographic region – in different countries, trending topics might be different, and bear the imprint of the happenings in that geographic area.
  2. Related queries – once you have chosen the topic, Google Trends gives you a more granular view of specific search queries.
  3. Rising trends – in case you already have a website/blog, and you want to increase the visitors’ number, you can choose topics showing rising trends in people’s interest.
  4. Top trends – in case you want to break into the online world and make a good impression from the start, we advise you to choose website ideas from already-established, top trends.

In this way, you’ll surely find a niche that is profitable, and people are interested in. Run a thorough analysis and you’ll definitely reap the benefits.

Recipe for success

Last, but not least, let’s consider the percentage of uniqueness in your website ideas. We’d like to help you find your own way in the digital medium and build articles users will remember. For this doing, you might take into consideration o mix of topics, that mould perfectly to your personality. This might be a usually overlooked technique, but that has full potential to make you well-known to a wide audience. A real recipe for success!

So, tackle multiple areas and focus on giving away valuable information, that users will hardly find elsewhere. Interconnect those areas somehow, so they represent you and create your personal brand identity.

So, what website ideas have you decided upon? Share this in the comments below, maybe we’ll take them further to the next level, together.


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