Article sections

    To change the global typography settings, you have to go to General Settings -> Typography section.

    1. Web Fonts in Site

    Here you are presented a list of web fonts available for editing text sections within the website.

    Add Web Font – Use this option to add a web font to your site; this will open a popup to search for a font and add it to the site.

    Once added, the web font can be applied to the text of your choice, from the content editing section.


    Edit – use this to change the font weights.

    Remove – use this to remove a certain font.

    2. Default Elements Typography

    Here you can set the default typography for the paragraphs and headers from your site. Clicking on an item will open the Typography panel for that item, where you can change:

    • Font Family
    • Font Variant (weight)
    • Font Size
    • Mobile Font Size
    • Line Height
    • Letter Spacing
    • Text Transform
    • Font Color

    Once the changes are made, they apply to the headings or paragraphs within the site: