Article sections

    Now that we have set up the header background, dimensions, content and layout, both for home page and inner pages, let’s start customizing the content of the pages.

    First, you have to open the customizer to the Page Content area.

    Adding Content Sections

    By default, there are some sections already added in the content section of the home page. For the inner pages, there’s no section added. For the inner pages, instead of pre-added content sections, a message will prompt you to Make the page editable in Customizer, as the page is not editable in customizer by default:

    Click on the blue area to be able to start adding content.

    On the Front Page, click the “+” sign on the right of the section name (“Page Content”), in order to expand the list of content sections available:

    You can access the list of content sections available from the blue button below, too:

    On the inner pages, click on Add Section, to expand the list of content sections available:

    From this step, the customization process is the same, both for the front page and the inner pages.

    To preview the content sections, you can hover over a right bar and place the mouse on the magnifier inside.

    For adding sections, simply click on the button Add section placed on each content section available.

    Removing Content Sections

    Maybe you’ll want to clear up the front page, and remove some content sections, to keep only those elements that you need. It is very simple to do this. Click on the trash red button that you will find for every section that you want to remove:

    Reordering Content Sections

    For the rest of the content sections that you will keep, you can set up the order that you want. That is, you can control which section comes first, which section follows, and which section comes third. Do this by simply drag and drop, from the button on the left hand:

    Maybe it would be easier for the users’ navigation within the page, if you add a link to each section from the main menu. For adding links to content sections in the menu, press the blue button on the right hand of the respective sections:

    The result is:

    Note that the default items names in the menu will be overwritten by the ones you add for each content section. If you want to remove a link (an item) from the menu, but keep the corresponding content section in the page, exit the Page Content section and go through the Menus section, in the customizer. From there, you can remove the item from the menu.

    For changing the title of a content section, place the cursor above the green line and replace the name of that section. It will automatically update the item name in the main menu, too.

    You have defined the areas of content (content sections) for your page, you have removed what is redundant and you have reordered the items (content sections) the way you want. In addition, you have added links to each content section in the menu, for users to easily access the section of their interest. Now it is time to start editing each content section.

    Click Publish and continue.