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    One Page Express gives you the possibility to translate your website into different languages. The theme is compatible with 2 of the most popular multilanguage plugins: Polylang and WPML.

    Translate your website with Polylang

    First, you have to find, install and activate the Polylang plugin. Polylang is one of the most important plugins that help you translate the website content to a new language.

    Install the plugin

    Login to your WordPress Admin dashboard, and go to Plugins, in the left-hand menu.

    After you go to Plugins, click on Add New and type Polylang in the search bar:

    Click on Install Now, then click on Activate.

    Check, in the list of Installed plugins, if Polylang is present, well installed and activated:

    Then, you need to go to the next step, and start translating your content. Go to Posts/Pages and translate the posts or pages you want to display in a different language.

    Translate content with Polylang

    Let’s take the example of the Front Page. Select Front Page and click on Edit, under the page in the pages table:

    1. Click on Publish/Update, for the page in the source language.

    1. Go to the list of pages and click on “+” next to the page in the source language, to create a version of that page in the target language.

    1. You’ll be taken to the page in the target language:

    In the lower part of the right-hand menu, you can click on “Copy from primary language” to retrieve the content from the source language and make the translation onto it.

    For the Front Page, for instance, you’ll have to customize a page like this (in the target language):

    The same goes for Posts, if you want to translate the content of your posts in a different language.