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    Menus are an easy way to lead your readers to the content sections and pages they want. Menus are built to facilitate the navigation within the page/site. We added the essential features needed to help users navigate within your webpages/website.

    Go to Menus, in the customizer.

    By default, there is a main menu set up.

    For setting up a new menu, click on Create New Menu.

    Note that One Page Express can display menus in one location.

    Show advanced menu properties

    You can choose to show advanced menu properties in the customizer for each item in the menu:

    • Link Target
    • Title Attribute
    • CSS Classes
    • Link Relationship (XFN)
    • Description

    Customize Menu/Create New Menu/Edit Menu

    1. Customize Menu


    Click on the right-hand arrow next to the menu (in the Menus section of the Customizer) -> go to the menu customization panel:

    Menu Name

    Give the menu a name of your choice. This name is used for a simpler administration of your menus.

    Add Items to the Menu

    Click on Add Items, to add new items in the menu.

    Reorder Menu Items

    Simply drag and drop the respective items, to change their order in the menu.

    Menu Location

    The menu can appear in one location – Primary Menu.

    Menu Options

    Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu (check the checkbox to activate this setting).

    Delete Menu

    Simply click on Delete Menu.

    2. Create New Menu

    Click on Create New Menu -> Set the location to Primary Menu -> Give a name to the Menu (*required to going Next) -> click Next.

    To begin adding items, click on Add Items.

    A panel will open, with 4 options:

    • Add pages – this serves to adding links to pages within the website
    • Add posts – this serves to adding links to posts within the website
    • Add categories – this serves to adding links to categories within the website
    • Add tags – this serves to adding tags
    • Custom links – here you can add a link towards a certain category, page, site.

    3. Edit Menu

    Click on the menu that you created, and start editing:

    • Add Items – used for adding items to the menu
    • Remove Items – used for deleting items from the menu
    • Reorder Items – used for changing the order of the menu items
    • Change Navigation Label – used for changing the items names in the menu.