Article sections

    Go to Appearance -> Customize -> General Settings -> Site Identity.

    Site Identity settings refer to settings for the logo, be it in text format or image format.

    Select logo – presuming that you have a logo already created, you can upload it from the LOGO section:

    Logo Max Height – it refers to the vertical distance the logo is placed on. Set up your preferences, according to your branding guidelines.

    Alternate Text Logo Words – this option is for the case the image logo doesn’t load. Instead, an alternate text is displayed, like in the case of an image ALT text.

    Dark Logo – You can upload the dark logo, or change the image as you like.

    Site Title – the site title can be set up directly from the Site Identity section in the customizer of OnePageExpress PRO.

    The result is:

    Tagline – this option serves for better explaining to your readers what the site is about, and for SEO purposes, as well.

    Site Icon – also known as a favicon, the site icon is the image appearing in the upper left-hand, in the browser tab where your webpage is open. It strengthens the overall branding, and it helps readers understand what your website is about. As an example of where the site icon is displayed, One Page Express offers you a visual representation of it. From this section, you can change the favicon/site icon any time.