Article sections

    To change the type of footer you will need to open the Customizer (Appearance -> Customize) and click the “Footer Settings” section.

    Contact Boxes

    Select from Template -> Contact Boxes

    Contact info

    There are 3 columns you can place contact information into. They are titled Box 1, Box 2 and Box 3. For example, by default there is a box with the specific address, another one with the e-mail address, and a third box containing a phone number. You can customize the information available in each of the 3 boxes, as you like.

    e.g. Box 1

    Icon Image – You can change the icon to the best that represents your information type, by clicking on Change Icon:

    Choose from 24+ icons available:

    Box text – place the right text information you want to display to your users, in the corresponding section:

    Border Colour

    Select the color you want for the right box.

    The result is: