Article sections

    As already mentioned, there are plenty of possibilities as to the content sections to use in your page. Here is an unexhaustive list of the main characteristics, for some of these content sections. They can be found in an expanded list that opens when you go to Page Content -> Add Section.


    Overlappable sections are content sections indented into the header, for a nice visual effect.

    They come first in the list of content sections, so you can easily find them and integrate them in the page content.


    Any website should include a content section where you tell a few words ABOUT the company, blog, professional, person, shop, etc. In the category of ABOUT content sections, we present you some options ranging from a classic presentation to more modern designs, according to your specificities.

    A Text grid section or a Text Icons section will tell the story of your brand stylishly.



    These suggestions offer you many possibilities to present the features specific to your company. Depending on how you want to display them, large icons, small icons or overlapped icons will suit the overall website presentation.


    Main content is what really makes or breaks your credibility and force of persuasion. Therefore, you have to be particularly attentive with what you place in the sections dedicated to main content.

    One Page Express comes with solutions for content sections with images (aligned to the left or to the right), content sections with videos (aligned to the right, to the left, at the bottom) and the content presentation with a video lightbox button.


    Calls to Action (CTAs) are of high importance. Your blog, website or online shop is nothing if you do not “interact” somehow with the users. Be they clients or just readers, they need encouragements to take action or give you their feedback.



    It’s not enough to speak about it, prove it! That’s why you may want to add some testimonials that prove your skills and abilities in the area you speak about on the website. With One Page Express, you have the possibility to choose either a boxed section or a full section of TESTIMONIALS.


    Show your expertise by the numbers. Do not forget to add some figures that prove your expertise.

    One Page Express has you covered. We provide you with a separate content section about NUMBERS, that you can include in the page, to sustain your portfolio.


    A more powerful proof that you are an expert in your field is the list of clients you are proud of. Either you want to showcase clients’ logo in the upper part of your page, or just drop a section towards the bottom of the page, One Page Express suggests you a way of presenting it in an elegant manner.

    An image for the logo, and a link towards the project or the client company can be added in this section.


    It would be nice for a company website to have the team introduced to your online readers. It provides more credibility and a sense of support for them. Several TEAM content sections are available in the One Page Express theme. You may choose any one of them, depending on how many items you want to introduce in this section, and how you want the presentation to look like.


    The LATEST NEWS section is appropriate if you want the latest blog posts to reach a larger audience. Instead of letting people discover your blog by themselves, you suggest them reading the latest news directly from a section in the website.


    An efficient way to gain more credibility is to add contact details about you or your company. In this manner, your readers will know how to get in touch with you, and where to find you.

    One Page Express has many options for CONTACT content sections, ranging from a simple contact form to maps for exact addresses.



    Like testimonials and clients’ sections, the PORTFOLIO section helps you gain exposure as an expert in your field. Include a list of your projects and your readers will end up convinced that you can be trusted as an expert.

    Either you want a more detailed presentation of your projects or a more general one, One Page Express offers you the possibility to choose among different PORTFOLIO sections.



    A list of products is waiting to be inserted into your website? The integration of the One Page Express theme with Woocommerce is fully adapted to such business needs.


    A gallery might be suitable in your webpage. We offer you the possibility to integrate a GALLERY content section directly from the pre-established content sections.


    If you say Commerce, you say Pricing Tables. Here we suggest different content sections for you to integrate pricing tables in the page.


    Subscription options are essential if you want you readers to stay connected to your website/blog. Therefore, we integrated some different content sections for subscription options. Keep in touch with your readers and grow your business exponentially.