Article sections

    There are three distinct boxes for widgets:

    1. Footer First Box Widgets
    2. Footer Second Box Widgets
    3. Footer Third Box Widgets


    For each of the boxes destined to widgets, you can choose among as many widgets as you want, from the list of available widgets.

    Afterwards, you may keep the initial order, or you may reorder them (by drag and drop), according to your preferences.

    You may choose among:

    • Archives – for blog posts
    • Audio – displays an audio player
    • Calendar – showing dates
    • Categories – blog categories, mainly
    • Custom HTML – you need to write custom HTML code
    • Gallery – image gallery to be displayed
    • Image – displays a single image as you wish
    • Meta – Login, RSS and links to be easily accessed
    • Navigation Menu – adds a navigation menu for easy access to different pages, from the footer section of the website
    • Pages – list of the pages within the website
    • Recent Comments – the most recent comments
    • Recent Posts – the latest posts of a blog, mainly
    • RSS – option for RSS subscription
    • Search – perform a search within the website, by keywords or key phrases
    • Tag Cloud – cloud of the most prominent tags that you use
    • Text – some text you want to display
    • Video – displays a video file from YouTube etc.