Article sections

    In the customizer, go to Navigation -> Site logo.

    From here, you have the possibility to adjust the logo settings, both for the front page and the inner pages.

    Note that this section is dedicated to text logos. Image logos can be uploaded if you go to General Settings -> Site Identity.

    Color, font and typography of the text logo, all is included in the customization options of this section.

    Front Page Logo Settings/Inner Pages Logo Settings

    The options are the same, both for the front page logo and the inner pages logo. All that differs is the text logo presentation, which you can adjust from the available features.

    Text logo color

    Set the color preferences for the text logo.

    Sticky navigation text logo color

    Set the color preferences for the text logo when in scrolling mode.

    Text Logo Typography

    Set your preferences for the typography style of your text logo (click on Text Logo Typography to open the customization panel):

    • Font Family (apply the font of your choice, or add a web font that you want)
    • Variant
    • Subset
    • Font Size (determine the dimensions of the font)
    • Mobile Font Size (set the dimensions of the font on mobile devices and check the preview for mobile)
    • Line Height (this refers to the distance from the top and to the bottom at which the menu items are placed)
    • Letter Spacing (this refers to the distance between the letters of the menu items; you can set it to broader or narrower)
    • Text Transform (this applies capitalization, upper case or lower case to the menu items)