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    Go to the Customizer -> General Settings -> Background Image.

    The background image is the image that appears when the web page/content section background is set to transparent. Otherwise, if a web page/content section background has been previously set to display an image, or it is filled with a color, the background image set from General Settings won’t be displayed.

    Let’s begin!

    1. Be sure the content section where you want the background image to appear is set to transparent (in the Customizer -> Manage Page Section -> Edit -> Section Background -> Background Type).
    2. Upload an image you select from your computer.

    You can change the image any time, or you can remove it completely.

    1. Adjust the image positioning to:

    Positioning type –

    • Default
    • Fill Screen
    • Fit to Screen
    • Repeat
    • Custom

    Image Alignment –

    • Center top
    • Center center
    • Center bottom
    • Left top
    • Left center
    • Left bottom
    • Right top
    • Right center
    • Right bottom

    Repeat Background Image – you have the option to check the checkbox and enable repeating background image.

    If you select Preset -> Repeat, you have the additional option to scroll with page.

    If you select Preset -> Custom, you have to set the image size (Original, Fill Screen or Fit to Screen), you may choose to repeat background image and/or scroll with page.