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    Materialis gives you the possibility to create an online shop, by perfect integration with the Woocommerce plugin.

    First, you’ll have to add the WooCommerce plugin to the list of installed and active plugins for your website.

    In the WordPress Admin dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New and type WooCommerce in the search bar:

    Press Install Now, then Activate.

    Go to the list of plugins, to see if the WooCommerce plugin has been well installed and activated.

    A new section has been added to the left-hand menu in the WordPress Admin dashboard: WooCommerce.

    Click on WooCommerce -> Settings, to configure the WooCommerce plugin:

    General settings

    • Store Address
    • Selling and shipping locations
    • Currency options

    Product settings

    • Set a page as the main shop page
    • Select the appropriate measurements for the products (weight unit, dimensions unit)
    • Settings for reviews (for instance, enable product reviews)
    • Settings for product ratings (for instance, enable star ratings on reviews)

    Shipping settings

    • Add shipping zones
    • Select shipping destination, etc.

    Payment methods

    • Enable direct bank transfer
    • Enable check payments
    • Enable cash on delivery
    • Enable PayPal