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    It is time you adjust settings for the overall website.

    One of the most important elements in the website is the color palette. When chosen carefully, it can make a great impact and impress visitors to the point they will remember your website.

    Go to the Customizer -> General Settings -> Colors.

    Set the items colors in the website

    Select the colors from Primary Color, to Secondary Color, Color 3… Color6. You can add as many colors as you want, depending on how many items levels you set up in the website.

    The above-mentioned colors define the elements in the website, from the largest ones to the smallest ones, in this order.

    What is more, each color field also has a visual representation of the exact tint that has been chosen. This way, you will match colors easier for a higher degree of chromatic coherence into the website.

    Set the background color in the website

    You have the possibility to set a particular color for the background of the website pages.

    Note that this background color will only be visible if the page background was previously set to transparent, or if there’s no image already set as page background.