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    You can apply some advanced options to the entire menu you want to edit, and you can customize each item in the menu, as well.

    Apply advanced options to the menu

    Go to the Customizer -> Menus.

    Click on the blue cog icon next to Menus, to expand the list of advanced properties:

    • Link Target
    • Title Attribute
    • CSS Classes
    • Link Relationship
    • Description

    When you check the checkboxes for these properties, there will be specific fields in the editing mode for the respective menu, where you can fill in with the correct information.

    Choose the menu you want to edit, and, for every menu item, click on the drop-down arrow next to its name to expand the list of properties to define.

    Properties for the menu items:


    Specify the path to the page that menu item will lead to.

    Navigation Label

    This is the name that will be attached to the menu item, as it will be displayed in the website.

    Open Link in a New Tab

    If enabled, this option allows for a page to open in a different tab, after the corresponding menu item has been clicked.

    Title Attribute

    The title attribute is the text that appears when hovering over a menu item with the mouse.


    The description will be displayed in the menu if the current theme supports it.

    For removing an item from the menu, simply press Remove in the section dedicated to the respective item.