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    You might want to start with an iconic logo, right away. In this case, make sure you have your logo saved on your device, as you will need to upload it into the website.

    To upload an iconic logo, in the Customizer, go to General Settings -> Site Identity.

    (Remember, for inserting a text logo instead, you have to go to Navigation -> Site Logo).

    The Site Identity subsection is the first item in the General Settings section of the Customizer. This accounts for the importance of a well-customized logo and its role in defining the overall site identity.

    Note that the settings saved in this subsection will be applied to all pages in the website (both front page and inner pages)!


    • Upload the logo from your personal device. It will be displayed as in the screenshot above.

    Here, you have an option to change the logo. In case the current logo becomes obsolete or does no longer mirror your business identity, you can change it from here any time.

    Another option allows you to completely remove the iconic logo. Maybe a good alternative will be for you to make temporary use of a text logo. After removing the image logo, you only have to go to the section dedicated to text logos and start customizing that logo.

    • Logo Max Height

    This option refers to the vertical distance the logo spans over, in the upper left corner of the page. The height of the logo is expressed in pixels. The larger the value, the higher the logo in the webpages.

    • Alternate Text Logo Words

    This feature allows you to attach some alternative words to your iconic logo. Whenever the image logo is not displayed to the users, the alternative text will be displayed to them. Its function is similar to an ALT text for a common image.

    Dark Logo

    From here, you can upload a dark logo for your website.

    Site Title

    From this subsection, you can adjust the title of your website. This title appears in the tab where a user opens one of your website pages. It is identified as the TITLE in the META TAGs placed in the source code of those pages.

    Insert a customized title from here. It will also serve for SEO purposes.


    You can set a customized tagline, from this subsection. The tagline appears in the tab where a user opens one of your website pages, after the title.

    Insert a customized tagline from here. It will also help to your SEO.

    Site Icon

    The site icon, also known as favicon, is a graphic symbol that is displayed in the browser tab, in the bookmarks bar or in the WordPress mobile apps. It is representative of the website and consolidates the website identity.

    Select an image and upload it as a site icon from this subsection. It will be displayed as follows:

    If the site icon no longer represents your website, you can replace it with another one, by clicking on “Change Image”.

    There’s also an option to remove the current site icon.

    It is recommended that the site icon should be square and have at least 512 x 512 pixels.