Article sections

    If you want to create a blog, in addition to your website, this section is for you.

    It is recommended that you have a blog page open, as the changes you make here won’t be visible otherwise.

    Go to the Customizer -> Blog Settings.

    Show Front Page Header on Blog Page

    If you want to preserve a cohesive look between the website and blog, you can keep the same front-page header for the blog page.

    Enable this option to replicate the front-page header on the blog page.

    Show Blog Sidebar

    Enable this option to display a sidebar on the blog page, containing elements such as: recent posts, recent comments, archives, categories.

    Show Post Meta

    Post Metas refers to the date a blog post was published.

    Enable this option if you want the day/month/year of the blog post to be displayed. Otherwise, leave the checkbox unchecked.

    Posts per Row

    This option gives you the possibility to control how many posts are displayed per one row, on the blog page.

    Select 1 item, 2 items… 6 items.

    Display Posts as Masonry Grid

    This option refers to the arrangement of posts in the blog page.

    If you enable it, the posts will be displayed under the form of a masonry grid.