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    Go to the Customizer -> Footer Settings -> Footer Background.

    Here, you have different options for customizing the footer background the way you want.

    Background type

    The 3 types available are:

    • Color – click on Options and select the color that best suits your design.
    • Image – click on Options and upload the image you want for the footer background. You can change it or remove it completely any time. Set the image size (to Auto, Contain or Cover) and position the image so it perfectly fits the footer area.

    • Gradient – click on Options and select the gradient you want for the footer.

    Show Overlay

    The overlay is a semi-transparent color that is applied on top of the footer background, to obtain a nice visual effect.

    If you enable it, click on Options and a panel will open, where you can customize the footer overlay.

    Choose the overlay type:

    • Shape only – choose the shapes and adjust the luminosity for those shapes.
    • Color – choose the color, adjust the overlay opacity (determining how transparent or opaque the overlay is) and apply shapes to the overlay (optional).
    • Gradient – choose the gradient of your liking, adjust the color combined in the gradient, adjust the angle of orientation for that gradient, and apply shapes to the overlay (optional).

    Footer Spacing

    This option allows you to define the spacing of the footer content from the top and to the bottom. The values are given in pixels, for a more precise arrangement of the content into the footer.

    Show Footer Border

    If you check this checkbox, a top line will be displayed, delimiting the footer from the rest of the page.

    Footer Border Color

    Select, from here, the color of the line delimiting the footer from the rest of the page. It should be distinctive, and serve as a clear delimitator, well integrated into the overall design.

    Footer Border Thickness

    Depending on how thick or thin the upper border will be, the footer will be more clearly or less clearly delimitated from the rest of the page.

    Greater values equal a thicker border.

    Use Footer Parallax

    The parallax is an effect where the background content is moved at a different speed than the foreground content while scrolling. Check the checkbox to enable this option for the footer.