Article sections

    Materialis PRO comes with an extended list of predefined content sections, that are organized by categories in the Customizer.

    To add content sections to the front-page, you need to go to Page Content, in the Customizer. Click on the “+” sign next to Page Content and the list of available section categories will open.

    By clicking on each category, a sub-list will open with the available content sections corresponding to that category.

    1. Like in the case of front page header designs, you will have the possibility to check the enlarged preview of content sections, by clicking on the magnifier on the right side of each content section in the sub-list.
    2. To select a particular content section, hover over that section with the mouse and click the “Add Section” button in the middle of the content section preview, in the sub-list.

    The available content section categories are:


    The overlappable sections come first in the list of available section categories. Thus, they are easy to be found in case you want to use the feature “Allow content to overlap header”. 8+ content sections are overlappable, including a form to “Get in touch” and a list of team members.


    With Materialis PRO, you have 15+ ways to write ABOUT your business. They include many presentations you can choose from.


    There are 14+ ways to go into details about your business and activity areas. You simply choose the FEATURES section that best reflects your manner of saying things.


    26+ content sections offer all the necessary space you want to dedicate to the actual content of the page. Experiment with some of them, until the best presentation comes out.


    For your business to be effective, you should include some calls-to-action in your webpage. It’s for this purpose that we designed 8+ content sections including effective calls-to-action.


    This section type is useful for presenting up-to-date results in a persuasive manner. You can include convincing numbers in one of the 6 predefined sections in the Counters category.


    If you want to include a photo gallery in the webpage, this category is for you. Choose one of the 4 content sections and preview the results.


    The sections in this category are suitable for showcasing projects. They include 6+ portfolio content sections you can choose from. Select one that best emphasizes your business value.


    The pricing sections included in this category are suitable for making your offers appealing to the potential customers. There are 13 ways of presenting your offers and prices, so feel free to experiment with any of the predefined pricing sections.


    Your business will be more credible if you include some testimonials stating your value on the market. There are 9 different versions for presenting testimonials on the website. Use any of them and view the results.


    You can also include a content section dedicated to listing current clients. Choose among 7 different content sections dedicated to presenting the clients and preview the results.


    We included 7+ content sections specially designed for presenting the team members. Check them and select one that best represents your business style.


    The LATEST NEWS section serves for keeping visitors engaged with your content, and up to date with your business achievements. So, 4 predefined sections are available for presenting the latest news about your company or the industry area.


    10+ contact sections are available for you to choose from. They include space for contact forms or maps for exact geolocalisation, etc.


    There are 5+ SUBSCRIBE sections, so that you can choose the best match for your webpage. Experiment with any of them.