Article sections

    Go to the Customizer -> Page Content.

    There are multiple sections you can add for your front page to make it unique.

    Add Content Sections

    Next to the section Page Content, you need to click on the + sign, to add new content sections to the page.

    After clicking on it, a panel will open with the complete list of content sections that are available, organized by categories.

    Click on the drop-down arrow next to the category including the content section of your choice, and press the button Add Section placed on the content section preview.

    Remove Content Sections

    In the list of content sections that are already included into the page, click on the red trash button next to the content section you want to remove. The selected content section will be deleted from the page.

    Reorder Content Sections

    To rearrange content section in the front-page, you only have to use drag and drop, after placing the cursor on the left-hand symbol next to the selected content sections.