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    After having finished the installation of the Highlight PRO theme, you need to also install and activate the plugin corresponding to it.

    The plugin that works with Highlight PRO is Mesmerize Companion.

    The companion needs to be installed for the theme, as it brings additional features and functionalities that allow for minute customizations of the website.

    The steps are similar to those needed for the theme installation:


    1. In the WordPress Admin Dashboard, choose from the left-hand menu the section Appearance.
    2. Go to the Highlight Info subsection, and you’ll find the list of recommended plugins for the newly installed and active theme:



    The first plugin in the list is Mesmerize Companion.

    1. Click on the Install button at the end of the dedicated section presenting the Mesmerize Companion.

    Wait until the installation of the plugin has finished.

    1. Click on the button Activate Now to benefit from the features the companion adds to the Highlight PRO theme.



    1. To check that the plugin has been correctly installed and activated, go to the Plugins section in the left-hand menu of the WordPress Admin Dashboard.
    2. Click on the subsection dedicated to “Installed Plugins”, and you’ll find the list of plugins that are installed for the theme.
    3. You should find Mesmerize Companion in the plugins list, as shown below: