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    For a more professional look of your website, you might want to insert an image logo that’ll be representative of your company.

    Go to the Customizer -> General Settings -> Site Identity.

    Click on Site Identity to open the set of options for customizing the logo of your website.



    The changes you make here will apply both to the home page and the inner pages.


    Upload/Remove/Change Logo Image

    Under the Logo subsection, click on Select Logo to upload the image file from your device.



    In case of rebranding, the logo image can be simply removed by pressing the Remove button under the logo, in the Customizer.

    For replacing it with a different logo, click on Change Logo under the image you have previously uploaded.


    Logo Max Height

    This option refers to the vertical distance the logo image occupies in the website pages. Depending on the values (in pixels) you select for the logo height, this will be displayed in a larger or smaller image in the website pages.


    Alternate text logo words

    This setting allows for inserting a text that will be shown instead of the image, when the logo image cannot be displayed to users. This has the same value as an ALT text for any image, in HTML.


    Dark Logo

    This feature allows for adapting the logo image to a brighter color scheme, in which case it sets contrast with the rest of the website pages. You have the option to select the image file from your computer, by pressing on Select Logo.


    Site Title

    The site title is the text users will see in the tab of their browser, when they open your website.

    The usefulness of the site title resides in it being a signal of content relevancy for users in search engines. Thus, filling in the blank with a customized title serves for SEO purposes.




    The tagline appears in the tab of the browser where users open one of your website pages, after the title.


    Site Icon

    A site icon (also known as favicon) is what you see in browsers tabs, bookmark bars and within the WordPress mobile apps.

    The site icon is a graphic symbol representative of a website. It serves as a mark by which a website is recognized by users.

    To create a site icon for the new website, you need to click on Select Image and upload an image from your device:


    After having uploaded the image, it will be displayed like this:



    Any time you want to delete the image, you can press the Remove button under the image and the site icon will no longer be visible.

    Whether you want to replace the initial site icon with another one, click on Change Image under the existing site icon and upload another image from your device.