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    Most probably, you will want to add a contact section to your website pages.

    Here’s how to do this for Highlight:

    1. Install the Contact Form by WPForms

    Highlight recommends using the Contact Form by WPForms plugin for creating contact forms on the website.

    In the WordPress Admin dashboard, go to Highlight Info -> Contact Form by WPForms -> Install.

    After the installation, click Activate plugin.

    Next, go to WP Forms -> Add New.

    Press Add New to create a new contact form.

    Specify the name of the new contact form and proceed to selecting a template for the respective contact form:


    After having selected the template, you can edit the fields of the form:


    Adjust the settings for the newly created contact form:


    Once you’ve finished customizing the contact form, click Save.

    Click on the button next to “Save”, in the upper right corner of the screen: Embed.

    You’ll receive a shortcode you need to use later, for installing the contact form into the website page. Note down the shortcode, that has the following form:

    [wpforms id=”112″ title=”false” description=”false”]

    2. Add Contact Section and Shortcode

    Let’s get back to the Customizer. In the Page Content section, add a Contact section.


    In the white area, where you see the message “Contact form will be displayed here…”, click on the pencil icon and a pop-up will appear, prompting you to insert a Custom Shortcode.

    Copy and paste the shortcode you saved earlier, having this format:

    [wpforms id=”112″ title=”false” description=”false”]

    The contact form will be added in the corresponding area:


    The last step is to check if the contact form is working properly.

    Publish the changes, fill in the form and test how it functions.

    Happy testing!