Article sections

    Before starting to edit a menu, consider including some advanced menu properties in the customization options.

    These options are:

    • Show Link Target field
    • Show Title Attribute
    • Show CSS Classes Field
    • Show Link Relationship (XFN)
    • Show Description

    You can click to show all these from the blue cog icon next to the section name:

    For each of the menu items, you can define:

    • Navigation Label (this is the name that is given to an item in the menu)
    • Open link in new tab (choose to open the link in a separate tab or in the same tab)
    • Title Attribute (this attribute is shown when hovering over the menu item with the mouse)
    • Description (The description will be displayed in the menu if the current theme supports it.)

    You can easily remove an item from the menu, by simply pressing Remove item.

    Drag and drop or use Reorder, to change the order of the existing items in the menu.

    Use Menu Options to regularly update the menu with new items. Check the checkbox that says “Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu” to make the menu integrate constant updates.