Article sections

    Go to the Customizer –> Front Page Hero -> select Slider.

    In this section, go to Slider Inner Elements.

    Use Bottom Separator – the bottom separator is a shape that delimits the slide in the header from the rest of the page.

    Click on “Options” to expand the list of customization features.

    Use Split Background – split background is an option to cut the slide in two. Each of the 2 sides can be customized separately.

    Click on “Options” to expand the list of customization features. As a reference, use the article about the section dedicated to Split Background.

    Use Bottom Arrow – a bottom arrow can be included in the slide, to attract users’ attention and promise them there is more to read down the page. Please read about different customization possibilities regarding the bottom arrow, in the article destined to Front Page Hero Background.

    Full Height Background – the background can be set to full height, so it occupies the entire space dedicated to the front-page hero background. The changes are more visible on mobile devices.

    Allow Content to Overlap Header – when content overlaps the header, a certain part of the content section is indented into the header.