Why These 25+ Website Homepage Designs Work So Well

Why These 25+ Website Homepage Designs Work So Well

You want to start a website, but a big obstacle stays in your way: what the homepage should look like?

It’s like you are staring at a blank page, with no clue as to what might be suitable for your next website’s homepage.

If you are in this situation, or just ran out of inspiration at a certain point in creating your homepage design, keep on reading.

What to Integrate in a Homepage?

Tease Your Readers: Use a Teaser


The teaser appears in the upper part of the header, right after the logo and menu. Or it might as well be positioned above the logo and menu. Designed with promotional purposes, it is intended to arouse interest or curiosity in something a company want people to follow. This is exactly what this teaser makes, the most salient parts of it being “Put the buzzwords down!” and the CTA “Download your free eMagazine”. As you can see, the colors are well integrated into the overall design color scheme, and a bit more accentuated.

Insert an Impactful Header

Let’s take a look at two examples of homepage headers:


If we were to extract the key items that give meaning to this header, we might keep “Exploits” and those miniature images surrounding the person featured in the photo. Combined with a deeper understanding of what Intel is, and the security problem, these key items will be like a leap into a safe future, through the adventure of Intel’s research and products.


This header of myskin.com seems to invite to action well beyond traditional skin care. The image is a promise of how the OKU application will accompany you in getting to know your skin type. The color scheme that they use underlies the sense of safety, professionalism and wellness mySkin.com wants to convey to their readers.

Craft Your Headline Like a Pro

The headline should sum up the idea of the entire homepage. It should attract the eyes towards what’s really important and what you want to transmit to the readers in the first place. The headline (or title) should be kept simple and without unnecessary fluff,  so it doesn’t dilute the user’s attention from the primary message.


WorldNomads.com has a very short headline, that sticks to your mind all along your journey into the website. It simply says “Explore your boundaries”, but the meaning is so rich you have to continuously push your boundaries to discover what’s more. This headline encompasses the WorldNomads.com business plus your own taking action in line with their services. No better partnership in exploring boundaries!

Carefully Choose the Layout

Maybe not so obvious to a less experienced eye, the layout of your homepage is a very important part of the overall design. It determines the process of browsing the page, and it is, in turn, determined by the business specifics. For instance, a website in the gaming field might have a more playful homepage layout, whereas a website in the business consulting field might have a more neutral layout.


Mattfarley.ca uses a very clean layout, and well-organized sections which drive attention to them through a perfect colors match. The overlapped sections in the above-the-fold part of the homepage seem to invite to more reading, opening up a “discussion” with the users. The gravitational center is given by “My recent work”, around which other elements are organized in a suggestive symmetry.





Contrasting with the previous long-form content homepage example, Benadam.me homepage uses title, hero image and text in a pretty homogenous way. Visual and text presentation intermingle, as the image sustains and emphasizes the text, while the text zooms in a suggestive, reassuring hero image. The core message of the homepage is concentrated in this successful combination of one image and some lines of text.

Experiment or stay safe with typography styles

The fonts used for the text on the homepage can make or break the success of the main message. When it comes to selecting typography for the homepage text, nothing is too bold, nothing is too traditional.


In this homepage header of Doamaral.com, the reader is walked through some 5+ text fonts, each bearing the beauty of a new story beginning. Each of them promises a realm of possibilities regarding web design, governed by the rules of aesthetics and power of persuasion.

Nurturedigital.com uses abril-fatface for the title, making it stand out from the rest of the text written in aktiv-grotesk. It seems that the fonts are at the service of designing the first letter of the logo, the N that is measured and calculated in every bit of detail.

Be creative with your logo


In terms of creativity for the logo, this example cannot say more. Studiobjork.com breaks down the content of the logo to distinct letters that gravitate one around another, in pure black and white.


Bolden.nl, unlike most of the websites, places the logo down the hero on the homepage. The upper part is filled with a splash of text and color that doesn’t leave room for something more. So, the placement of the logo is “postponed” till the design reaches the bottom of the hero. But when it’s time to deal with the logo, Bolden.nl does it in a boldly creative way. The “O” is extra-underlined and lifted up in the eyes of everyone who watches it.

A Motto that Is Easy to Remember


Under the title, lays the motto. In fact, it rather springs to the readers’ attention, through some words that touch sensitive points, such as quality, responsiveness, user experience.


R3mx.com has only above-the-fold content and information. But they know perfectly well how to squeeze every pixel in this homepage . In line with this efficient use of space is also the copywriting. The homepage is composed of several sliders, each having its own title and its own expressive motto attached to the title.

Work your Way to the Readers’ Minds with a Perfect Call-to-Action


Lsufootballops.com has a CTA that is information-driven, in the above-the-fold part of the homepage. Later on the page (precisely at the bottom of it), the first CTA is iterated in a slightly different form, but still keeping valid the initial invitation.


A more commercially-oriented CTA is that appearing in the petplate.com homepage. It keeps the traditional CTA design the readers need for grasping the whole meaning of it. However, it stands out through the blue color that contrasts sharply with the rest of the color scheme.

What to Inspire

There are different feelings a homepage might inspire into the visitors:


This is the whole Aflac.com homepage. It is actually a before-homepage, depending on the status you own, you will be encouraged to click on one of the 4 variants (“Individuals & Families”, “Business Owners”, etc.). Its simplistic design, with only above-the-fold elements, invites to further exploration, raising interest in the information of the website. This homepage example is one that arouses curiosity in the readers, under the condition that the reader should be representative of one of the 4 mentioned categories.


The Aaaoverheaddoor.com homepage is full of proofs of their professionalism. The webpage is just packed with data, testimonials and social proof, all determining the high quality of their services. This instils trust in the readers and invites them to learn more, by engaging more with the website pages.


Proplatinumconstruction.com has a professional welcoming message, accompanied by the immediate proximity of a call number. To put a long story short, they know someone who landed on this webpage is in need for house construction and offers them direct access to the respective services.


Stblaw.com focuses their homepage on featuring people and people faces. This is done on purpose, with a view to raise trust in collaborations and transmit that every client can rely on them. The second salient thing in the website homepage is the search box, where you can tell SimpsonThacher how they can help you.


With Warrenaverett.com, every item in the homepage has its importance. Every important element has its distinct place, and nothing is redundant. The items include helpful information such as geographic location, insights, news, people they are addressing to, the solutions they provide (stressing that these solutions are beyond traditional ones) and “counselling” for users to TAKE CARE OF WHAT’S REALLY IMPORTANT.





EY.com offers some pieces of information directly from the homepage slider, raising the appetite for consuming even more information. Right below the header, they put two sections, with “News” and “Views”. Both sections are filled with useful information, that help users decide whether they can trust EY.


Boozallen.com makes use of “Featured”, “News”, “Upcoming”, “Latest”, to boost the best they have to say about their business. This information is accompanied by images instilling trust and credibility in the readers. The colors are subtle and sustain the text, rather than otherwise.



Socialaxis.herokuapp.com combines color, light and darkness, text, icons and images to create a sense of brightness and associate it with nightlife in an inspiring way. It really brings to life exciting moments and socializing and unfolds the scenes of party splendour.



Best homepage design examples commented

Every successful homepage starts with a design strategy. The key to reaching the readers with a purposeful message is a thought-out strategy. So, don’t save time and energy when you start thinking about your homepage design. Afterwards, the results will pay off.

In the following lines, we comment some of the best examples of homepage design. The aim of this section is to make you aware of how coherence, strategical approach and purpose can give birth to a live homepage that breathes success.


The homepage of Bigdropinc.com unfolds colourful sections from a photo that seems to show parts of a reality at its best. The header shows who they are, how they are (“We are creative”) and what does this serve to (“Watch us rock your world with our web design capabilities”). The next step is guiding the users through an example of creativity. And this creativity is exhibited right from the start, in the Bigdropinc.com homepage. Each section has an individual color, all the sections colors are vivid and yet, pleasant to the eye. The sections serve as distinct symbols that can be attached to the company’s brand. This symbolistic approach makes the homepage scannable and easy to understand. No more than a schematic image and a short phrase compose the symbols of the sections below-the-fold.

And, in fact, the symbols packed together, complete the message started in the header: who Bigdropinc.com is? The homepage “knows” how to answer this recurring question of the users, and it does it boldly.





An experience that cannot be passed over. Cultureexperiencedays.adami.fr catches the readers’ attention, only to immerse them immediately in a carousel of cultural events striving for the best performance. The design of the headline is somehow sophisticated, without being crowded with unnecessary elements. In the subsequent presentation of events, the colors and lines of the headline will be taken further, turned from typography elements to iconic elements – borders of the events presentations.

The overall design gives the impression of a cultural magazine dedicated to events. And the set of events that are described right from the homepage give little to no room for escape. The only possible escape is to dwell longer on the event that appeals to you and click for more. A sense of symmetry plays with opposite colors and frames, only to guide you down the list to the event that interests you more.



The homepage of Plex.tv is clean yet populated with complete information. From the very beginning, and right from the header, the users receive a bunch of details of what they can do with Plex.tv’ packages. However, the header seems to open up a discussion with those who need further information, in order to get convinced. Quick links are inserted into the header, and they point to specific pages for specific areas of interest.

Further down the page, Plex.tv jumps to answering the main question readers might have: Why Plex? They carefully provide the reasons why Plex.tv is the best choice, and they do it in a stylish and persuading manner.

And as we speak about persuasion, let’s notice something more: Plex.tv spreads into the homepage some inspired calls-to-action, profiting from the proximity of arguments why Plex.tv is the best solution.

Well below-the-fold, towards the end of the page, there is even a special section dedicated to the CTA. This section stands out by its yellow color, in the meanwhile perfectly integrating into the overall design.

Last, but not least, the bottom of the homepage includes news from the Plex.tv blog, for those who want to get more acquainted with Plex.



The homepage of this website is innovative, in that it presents slides as you try to scroll down the page. The slideshow creates an immersive experience, and their succession ensures the users are well prepared for

exploring the details down the page.

The two sections following the header make a case for Enjoy-aiia.com, stating that “Our products are different” and backing this statement with “Trusted all around the world”.

After all has been said to convince the users, a CTA is inserted into the homepage. It has a dedicated section and the CTA button is surrounded by friendly talk. This section stands out through the color that is used, without being out of the overall frame.




The homepage presents the qualities of the Matcha tea, the product for sale on matcha.com. The information is displayed under the form of a story, from recipes to Matcha cultures to tradition.

Visually, the homepage starts with simplistic images and starts crowding with more and more elements and you scroll down the page. Hence, the story becomes immersive, introducing you into the world of tea, tradition and true quality from Japan.

3 CTAs are present in the homepage, differing from one another and subtly sustaining the temptation of an exquisite experience.

With these examples, we wanted to give you an idea of how coherence and strategy can make a mix of elements that is perfect for successful homepages. We hope you enjoyed the reading and you now have a hint of what to put in your own website homepage.

Quick Overview: What Does a Homepage Mean, in Fact?

Let’s retake from the beginning.

  1. The BIG homepage should sum up and contain the core of the business.
  2. It should be representative of the website, as it is the main entrance to the other pages within your website. Therefore, it should showcase the best of the business and make a very good first impression to direct visitors.
  3. Another important thing, a homepage should contain a unique value proposition that stands out. It should differentiate you from the rest, right from the very beginning and convince the users to explore for more.
  4. A home page should be like a breakthrough in your business, your area of interest, your highest qualities as a specialist or your most lovable hobbies. A streamline of your best, through the best. An outstanding piece of art that depicts reality in its perfect form.
  5. A website homepage is the crucial point where users decide whether to stay or leave. They will decide whether they want to explore for more or they leave the website. It is a matter of split-second choice. And it is wise to make good use of this.

Have you decided upon what elements sustain the five principles above?

If yes, we are looking forward to seeing the results: your website homepage you will be so proud of.

If you are still undecided, now’s the time to put down some ideas that come to your mind and gather material for your new homepage. Coherence, strategy and visual appeal will naturally come with the message you want to transmit to your website’s visitors.

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