How To Create Website Color Schemes Users Will Remember

Sometimes passed over, seen of diminished importance or treated with less attention than it ought to be, the color scheme of a website should nevertheless be of high priority. In designing a website, color schemes are essential for establishing an emotional connection with the readers. What Define Color Schemes? Balance for a Good Color Scheme…
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How to Build a Website From Scratch (With Screenshots)

It’s never been easier to create a website than it is now. There’s an incredibly wide variety of free tools, affordable premium ones, competitive hosting and overall easy to use software to get a site up and running in less than an hour. On the flipside, this means that more sites are springing up than…
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How to pick the perfect WordPress theme?

Ok, you’ve made up your mind and chosen to select WordPress for your new website. Now, how to choose the perfect WordPress theme for your yet-to-come site? The question is looming ahead of you, and you feel terribly aware of the challenges that such a choice is throwing at you. It might be difficult, considering…
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