Month: March 2019

WordPress Custom Pages and How to Make One

By the end of this article, you’ll know what a custom page means, how to create one and where to find it in your WordPress, and also how to edit a custom page you added in WordPress. What is a custom page template? By default, WordPress allows you to create posts and pages. The layout…
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23+ Best Free WordPress Resume Themes (with Videos)

Business cards and standard CVs have evolved to resume websites. A website is currently the top-notch solution for being found and selected for projects. What should a resume theme include? I. What matters most is the layout. It needs to be adaptable to the CV format you want to display on the webpage: Chronological resume…
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What is a WordPress Multisite and How to Make One

In many cases, installing WordPress and creating a website will do. However, there might be some other cases, when managing multiple websites from a WordPress network will do better.   What is WordPress multisite?   A WordPress multisite allows for the creation of a network of sites within one single WordPress installation. This option is…
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