Month: February 2019

Why and How to Remove Theme from WordPress

Let’s start from the beginning. It’s nice to know how to remove themes from WordPress. But why should you do that? Here are the main reasons why removing a WordPress theme might be useful, if not necessary: They are no longer in use They are outdated They might lead to security breaches They might clutter…
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How to Master WordPress User Roles

The WordPress User Management System includes 6 different user roles the website owner can assign to the members of his/her team. If there’s one single person managing the website, there’s no need to create multiple user roles. However, for a team, assigning appropriate roles to users means a coherent workflow and better communication among team…
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How to change site title in WordPress?

Changing the title of the website (and the tagline associated to it) is one of the first steps in the process of customizing a newly built website or blog. Why is title important in a website?   It increases relevancy of the website content to users. Due to the site title, visitors can easily understand…
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