Month: October 2018

How to Navigate WordPress Admin Dashboard like a Pro

You’re new to WordPress and you want to get accustomed to using the platform. We’ll walk you through the options of the WordPress dashboard, so you can see for yourself how simple the interface really is.   What is WordPress Dashboard and Admin Area?   WordPress Admin is the administrative area of a website/blog built…
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101+ Website Ideas That Can Help Build a Business

The internet is oozing with opportunities to create your online personal space and… why not, earn money from doing so. However, without a structured approach, it can be quite impossible to make your voice heard in the online world. This is the reason of this article, to help you get a grasp of how you…
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Can Website Builders Work for Your Business?

Among the questions a lot of people usually ask is whether website builders can work for their business. The answer is, maybe. In some niche situations, they can work. There are lots of businesses that were started or built using website builders. Most website builders usually have free plans and other paid for plans known…
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